Where’s the milestone?

When we are little the goals are set for us…

Learn to walk and talk.
Start school.
Graduate high school.

Then, it is…

Get into college/university.
Get a job.

Until it is…

Get married.
Have kids.

Then what? 

There seems to be a huge gap between “have kids” and “retire”!

At 45, I’m in the gap (mine arguable larger since I skipped the “get married, have kids” portion of the societal program).

These past several years, since leaving the structured schedule of a corporate career, I’ve needed to learn how to create my own milestones. 

At first this was a daunting process – turns out “freedom” comes with a slice of “ambiguity” and if you’re not careful, overwhelm.

But I’ve learned to navigate and even find peace and joy in the unknown.  It’s true; along the way I’ve stumbled on the risks of complacency and found the ruts of my own comfort zone.

And so, I’ve come to appreciate this idea of milestones.

Climb a mountain.
Start a business.
Move across the country.
Learn a new skill set.
Completely redefine what success means.

Find a new milestone.

Find another one.

Life is dynamic – we aren’t meant to reach a destination and be done. 

(Excepting the “final destination of course!)

I’m not sure why I felt the need to go on this little rant today, except maybe to invite all my fabulous peeps in their 40’s and 50’s to consider…

“What milestone you are striving for?”

Are you just “waiting to retire”?

Or are you travelling toward the adventure of a lifetime?

Let’s start a dialogue.

Let’s inspire each other to wake-up and leave the comfort zones of our “gap”.

You can rest at your final destination…

BTW… this isn’t it!