Are you ready? Do you feel it?

That feeling in your gut that is whispering… Go For It… take a chance & see what’s possible for you! If you know that’s you, I’d love to connect.

The only thing I do better than speaking, is strategizing. My brain works a mile a minute and I see connections everywhere! As a child, this resulted in my love of puzzles and problem solving. In the corporate world, this materialized as a talent for tactical and strategic planning.

Today, I’m leveraging those skills and natural abilities to help you find a more fabulous life and career. How will I do that? Well, I won’t know exactly until you and I connect. It’s paramount that I understand where you are and where you want to be, before trying to sell you a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

To give you more contexts, I can tell you I like to mix in a little coaching, a bit of consulting, and some mentoring with a side of good old fashion ‘kick-you-in-the-butt’. I also like being super creative! You never know what that will look like, but I promise it will make this process a whole lot more fun!

I specialize in lifestyle and career redesign, so if you are considering becoming a solo-preneur, owning your own business, or drastically changing your profession, I’m here to help! My expertise is navigating ambiguity, strategic planning and big vision thinking.

Although you and I will create a custom solution aligned to your most pressing issues, below are some examples of my programs and services.

Let’s discuss how we can design a fun, uplifting and purposeful plan for your transformation. I’d love to connect with you.

Turning Point (Instigating Change)

This power strategy session is about embracing change as a powerful catalyst for your success. It is a one-on-one Skype or Phone conversation to help you gain more clarity and build an actionable plan to get you started. We’ll address any struggles you may have deciding on the timing of your choice and how you can choose the “right” direction. Essentially the purpose of this session is to empower you to take those first critical steps through and beyond ambiguity.

You’ve been trying to keep up with the Jones’ for so long, you can’t even remember who the Jones’ are anymore, or why you wanted their life in the first place. Everyone around you points out how lucky you are, and despite feeling grateful, you also feel a bit guilty for wanting more.

Finding Fabulous (Moving Forward)

This fabulous workshop is focused on shifting your perception of possible. We’ll engage in some unique activities to break through self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold you back. Connecting the dots of past experiences and leveraging new opportunities, we’ll design a strategic direction and actionable plan for finding fabulous at work and play.

Play in the Gray (Accelerating Success)

Creativity and adventure are at the heart of this game-changing experience!
It has been designed for big vision thinking. Creative leadership techniques and experiential learning principles amplify and align passion with purpose to empower you to own your individuality and PLAY BIG.


Amy Ballantyne

Speaker & Health Advocate

“Lisa Dadd is an incredible personal mentor. I have been fortunate to work with her on a number of occasions and the insight and guidance she provides is thoughtful, straight-forward and heart-centered. If you are someone who is looking to overcome challenges, achieve a personal break though in career or life matters or to create a strategy for growth then Lisa is the woman to speak to.”

Lori Woodley

Director and Founder, 
All It Takes

“I would recommend Lisa to any organization looking for a consultant in marketing, sales or general business direction. Lisa’s skill set in these areas have proven remarkable for All It Takes, her guidance and business acumen resulting in substantial growth and new opportunities for our organization. Added to her business skill set are her communication skills and passion for what she does. Lisa can see clearly into a situation and communicate with detail and understanding, offering direction that can be heard, absorbed and appreciated. Her passion for seeing her clients prosper is evident in every word spoken and written, leaving our team feeling supported and guided both professionally and personally. Lisa is an asset to All It Takes and we could not be more grateful.”