About Lisa Dadd

Hi, I'm Lisa!  I believe in the power of effective leadership -- and know from my heart of hearts -- leadership starts within!  That's why personal leadership development has become a huge passion of mine.

In addition, it is my mission to develop a new breed of audaciously, conscious leaders who are better equipped to positively impact those they serve as well as the world around them!   

I spent the first 15 years of my corporate career learning sales, marketing, people management and operational effectiveness from a top Fortune 100 company. It took me an additional 5 years as an entrepreneur, and an intense training in transformational leadership, before I appreciated the full power of blending knowledge and skills sets from seemingly divergent areas.

Today, I leverage elements from my Master’s degree in Kinesiology with my mastery of strategic business development to create unique experiential training programs for emerging leaders. Based on the foundation of social and emotional intelligence, my work focuses on developing leaders who are radically self-aware, personally accountable and deeply connected to their purpose and vision.

My enthusiastic, playful spirit provides a fresh perspective, and engaging environment that blurs the line between work and play! The individuals and teams I impact have a newfound appreciation for their untapped potential and understand a redefined, deeper level of connection and success.