Lisa's Story

I used to have a beautiful, yellow Labrador named Leo who squeaked. He didn’t do it all the time - only when he was swimming at the lake. Often people mistakenly thought he was distressed or in need of assistance as he slapped at the water making this odd little sound. In reality, he was just really, really happy! It was hard not to smile or even break out into a full belly laughter watching him play. At the lake, he was 100% in his element.

What would the world be like if everyone got to live their life in that joyfully contagious, squeak-inducing energy? I imagine it would be pretty fabulous!

That’s the kind of joy I was seeking when I decided to walk away from a successful, fifteen-year career in the corporate world. At the time, life was pretty good. I’d achieved a certain level of success, had the company car, stock options and incentive trips to luxury destinations. I had everything I thought I was supposed to want. I just didn’t have that tail-wagging happiness my dog possessed.

My constant dissatisfaction and lack of fulfillment with my job started to spill over into the rest of my life, and I started to question the point of it all. I was numb on a good day. It was more work just getting out of bed to go to work, than actually doing the work!

If I was going to put in my blood, sweat and tears into my work, shouldn’t it matter more to me?

If I was going to spend a huge percentage of my life earning a paycheck, why couldn’t it be more fun?

I’d spent far too many years saying, “One day I’ll figure out my passion and then I’ll follow it!”

But I wasn’t figuring it out. I was letting the busyness of life distract me and the notion of “be grateful for what you have”, delay the inevitable. So I kept truckin’ along, hopeful some career fairy would fly by and sprinkle magical purpose dust on me and then I’d finally be happy. 


Until one day, I realized something that forever changed my life.

I was only stuck, if I chose to be!

Whose permission did I think I needed? Why was I waiting for someone else to decide the direction of my career (and in essence my life)?


The moment that thought hit me, I chose differently. I left that corporate job, started walking down this path of Finding Fabulous, and I haven’t looked back!


The farther down the path I go, the more amazing people I meet who continue to defy the status quo and challenge my perception of possible. As I delve into their stories, and soak up the wisdom of their experiences, the more I believe this way of life is not only ideal, it’s completely achievable.


So here I am, a self-professed digital nomad, on the path of Finding Fabulous.

I Play in the Gray and I like it that way!

What’s that mean?

It means I’m intentionally blurring the lines between work and play. I’m throwing out the rulebook of what makes sense and writing a new one on what feels right. I’m letting who I want to be in life, design what I want to do for a living.

In the process, I’m embracing the ambiguity that leads me.

I know. Ambiguity can be overwhelming. It can cause us to play small and prevent us from chasing our dreams. It certainly paralyzed me for many years. 

So now, instead of fighting it, I’m embracing it. I’m choosing to follow the wonder, fascination and curiosity that accompany it. I’m discovering the path of possibility that shows up in response to it.


And, I can help you do the same!


If you have read this far, it’s because you are either a) my mom, or b) ready to Play in the Gray and find your own version of Fabulous!


If it’s the first, “Hi mom, love you!”


If it’s the second, “Welcome fellow FabFinder! I’m so pumped you are here!”


This world is so much more fun with the kaleidoscope of individuals that join the community and the cornucopia of possibilities that surface as a result.


You are clearly ready to push off from the dock of “play it safe, have an okay life and wait until retirement to be truly happy”.


You are primed to jump into the lake of “endless, joyful possibilities”!


And, you’ve come to the right place!


So, come on in – the water’s perfect!