Episode #15 

5 Ways Stengthening your Connection can Help you Achieve Your Goals


Episode #14 

Travel Boosers & How they can Inspire the rest of your Life

Episode #13  

Travel Blockers & How they are Stopping You in the rest of your Life 

Episode #12  

Why Travel is the Most Effective Transformation Tool

Episode #11  

3 Ways to Get Off the Hamster Wheel of Life & Back in Your Groove

Episode #10  

A to Z of Gratitude –
3 Fun, Powerful Practices 

Episode #9  

 Mindset Shifting Techniques to Empower You to Find your Freedom

Episode #8  

A Quick, Effective Tool for Identifying Values that Lead to Success 

Episode #7  

5 Steps to Release Attachments & Open Up New Possibilities 

Episode #6  

 A Simple Exercise to Shift out of the Grind by Changing your Inner Dialogue

Episode #5  

Tools to Strengthen Relationships through Effective Communication

Episode #4

3 Ways to Be in the Groove,
Without All the Hustle

Episode #3  

3 Ways We Make Life Harder
than it Needs to Be

Episode #2  

Grooving from the Inside Out
with Guest Valerie Sheppard

Episode #1

5 Ways we Get Stuck in the Grind