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3 Steps to Move You Closer to Your Dream Life, Even if You Don’t Know Exactly What That Is.

You’re the one who made things happen!

You went after that enviable career with admirable energy and achieved most (if not all) of the things you wanted to achieve.

You have the house, the car, the spouse, kids, and even the dog. Life has been pretty good to you.

So, why doesn’t it feel like enough?

You got everything you were always “supposed” to want. Why doesn’t it feel better? What’s wrong with you?

You are numb on a good day! You’ve got a headache before lunch and are yawning five minutes into a meeting. When did all of it cease to hold much meaning or joy? When did your “ideal job” start to feel like it was more work getting up to go to work, than actually doing the work?

You’ve been trying to keep up with the Jones’ for so long, you can’t even remember who the Jones’ are anymore, or why you wanted their life in the first place. Everyone around you points out how lucky you are, and despite feeling grateful, you also feel a bit guilty for wanting more.

You want to feel joy again!

You want the energy and excitement you used to feel when you were starting out, and could see so many possibilities in front of you. You want to feel connected to a purpose and to know that what you do matters! You want to feel like you are doing something good for the world!

And let’s face it; you want to have more fun doing it!

You never imagined getting to this stage of your career and feeling this way. You are starting to wonder if it will be like this until you retire. You’re too young to retire, and the thought of waiting until that day to be happy feels excruciating.

So why are you waiting?

I know – change is scary!

You may be wondering what else you could do, after spending so many years in one career. You wonder if you could learn something new and if you would have to give up the level of salary your family has become accustomed to?

Everyone keeps saying, “Follow your passions!” But what does that even mean for you? It’s been so long since you asked yourself what you want to be when you grow up; you’ve forgotten how to dream.

You’re not alone.

I too got so focused on pursuing what I wanted, I forgot to stop and ask myself if I still wanted it.

I was so used to people telling me I was successful, I never stopped to define success for myself.

I ended up so distracted and envious of those following their passions; I never invested time in discovering my own.

Until I decided enough was enough!

That’s when I discovered something that changed the course of my life forever!

I realized I wasn’t stuck, trapped or powerless – unless I chose to be.

That simple shift in mindset set me on a new path – a path to finding fabulous!

What’s fabulous, you may be asking?

Well, that’s up to you.
The moment you decide to define that for yourself is the moment it will start showing up – not just as a fabulous career, but also a fabulous life!

And I can help you with that!

With fifteen years in corporate sales and marketing, including an extreme amount of hours strategic planning for hundred million dollar brands, I mastered some critical success factors for getting results. And yet, it wasn’t until I walked away from my six-figure salary and stock options that I realized the power of applying those skills to my own life!

Applying what I learned, I discovered talents for helping others design a strategic path for their career, by painting a picture of possibility for their life. Together, we clarify what really holds them back, and we build actionable plans to get them from where they are to where they wanted to be.

Is it that simple?

It can be, as long as you are serious about finding your own version of fabulous!

And it can be fabulously fun, if you let it!

I’m a big believer in purposeful play! How you do anything is how you do everything, and play can teach us a lot. We tap into our most creative and productive talents when we are enjoying what we’re doing, so we’ll start there. I want you to PLAY BIG in your life! Let’s find the joy in that!

Sometimes that requires traditional methods of writing, mind mapping and strategic planning. Other times, climbing a mountain, taking a salsa class, learning improv or finger painting will unveil an innovative idea or help you overcome your biggest barrier. You never know where your own genius might be hiding!

As fun and creative as I like to be, I should also warn you…

I think of myself as a loving interruption. I won’t buy your excuses for why you can’t. I won’t hear your stories of why you shouldn’t. I won’t let you get away with, “maybe some day”. I’m like the momma bird anxious to see her babies fly. I will push you outside of your comfort zone, lead you to the edge of possible and empower you to take the leap. Even if that means I have to give you a little push!

I do this because I SEE you. I know you are more capable and more amazing than you remember. I know once you set your mind, and open your heart to it, you’ll be unstoppable! And mostly, because I believe you are worthy of not just a good life, but a fabulous one!

Now, it’s time to get started aligning what you do for a LIVING… with the type of LIFE you want to live!

What are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Are you longing for change in your life, but have no idea what that looks like?

Download my Free gift:

The Clarity Accelerator

3 Steps to Move You Closer to Your Dream Life, Even if You Don’t Know Exactly What That Is.