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In my search of finding fabulous people who have transformed their lives, I often come across others who are skeptical they could do the same.  They state reasons like being too old to change, or having limited experience or skill sets.  They also claim they couldn’t possibly take the risk because they have small children at home, or their husbands or family wouldn’t support the idea.  So, when I find someone who is overcoming all of those barriers, and breaking through to do something special and unique, I want to share their story.  I want their example to inspire skeptics and send a message that they don’t have to be stuck in a life that is less than fabulous.  Chris is one of those inspiring people, and this is what she taught me:

Words of Wisdom:

  • Just be yourself; that is good enough.  Love who you are, and express yourself in this world, and the riches come.

Key Learning:

  • I learned I could do anything.  I learned that I can manifest anything I want in my life.

Definition of Success:

  • Success is no longer about money, power and fame; it is feeling good as many moments of my day as possible.

When she was younger, she always wanted to be a lawyer.  Although he didn’t push her into it, her father was a lawyer and quite proud when his daughter followed in his footsteps.  She saw it as a way to make a lot of money and also be well respected in the community; two things she attributed (at the time) to being successful.  Enjoying the enlightened conversations and hard work ethic of going to law school, gave her signs that she was on the right path.  It wasn’t until she started actually practicing law that she became more and more disappointed with her choices.

It was eight years into practicing at an insurance litigation firm, when Chris’ life began to change.  Balancing the demands of her job with the demands at home, became too much to bear.  Chris grew more and more concerned about the impact her work life was having on her children.  With a deep belief that her biggest legacy would always be her children, she made the decision to leave her job and stay home to take care of them.  During a particularly stressful time, a friend suggested Chris seek some solace and healing from a naturopath.  Skeptical, but desperate enough to try anything, Chris went to see a woman who would eventually set her on a completely different life path.  As Chris explored a whole new world of natural living and proper diets, and experienced unexpected results with her health and well-being, her skepticism started to dissipate.  Curiosity and further exploration lead her down a path of learning about the connection between thoughts and feelings, and how to manifest a better life.  With this, she understood she deserved to be happy, and learned that it is never to late to change your life.  Making the decision, makes it happen.  Visualization techniques helped her realize she could do anything and bring anything into her life.

A year and a half into staying home, Chris longed for something more.  She knew she didn’t want to be a lawyer, but she was afraid her time away would result in losing her license to practice.  Becoming a deputy judge in a small claims court gave her the opportunity to maintain her license, while giving her part-time employment that allowed the freedom to be with her kids.  During that time, she realized how passionate she was about educating people, and how compassionate she was for those entering a system they didn’t understand.  Her favourite part of the job was explaining how the legal process worked, what the defendant needed to do to prove their case, and then helping them understand why they won or lost.  Seven years later, those aspects were out-weighted by other challenges with the job, ultimately clarifying her decision to leave the profession.  The experience gave her some insight into her interests and abilities not only to teach, but to speak and present succinct messages.  She believed she could bring more value and service to the world if she found a career that allowed her to express who she really was.  Around the same time she was discovering these talents, she had a vision that she was a student terrified about the future.  Putting two and two together, she realized she could serve her purpose by guiding students and helping them plan their lives.

With this new insight, she came to believe that children could find their path in life sooner, if they based it on knowing themselves better, and aligning their futures to who they really are.  Since the world is moving so fast, and most jobs today didn’t exist ten years ago, children are uncertain about the future.  Unemployment stats and the rising debt derived from student loans, doesn’t provide assurance that education alone will be enough.  In order to adjust to circumstances, and optimize opportunities, children need to have a deeper understanding of who they are and what they want.  Toward that goal, she is currently teaching programs in high schools, and giving complementary seminars to parents who support those children.  Her ultimate goal is to open a development centre for children and young adults that would teach skills related to happiness, self-knowledge, empowerment and self-growth.

As I listened to the passion in her voice, I thought of all the adults (including myself) recently learning these very principles of which she speaks.  I start to consider what it would mean to have a new generation of young adults equipped with tools guiding their life path toward one of happiness and fulfillment, rather than fame and money.  Curious as to how it would affect the outcomes of her program, I asked Chris her definition of success.  She quickly and succinctly answers, “success is feeling good as many moments of my day as I can”.  To complement that, she offers some advice to others that may be looking for a path of fulfillment; “Just do what feels good and be yourself.  That is enough.  The more you can love who you are, and express yourself in this world, the riches will come.  Everything flows from that.”  Realistic about the need for money in our society, she believes that money comes easier when we do what we love.  And with this, she offers us her final verdict; “The more you do what you love, the more it feeds your soul.  In turn, being a happier person translates to more customers and clients responding positively to your service or offering.  Ultimately that will lead to the financial success necessary to continue your work.”

Walking away from the interview I realize, as I’m finding examples of people living fabulously, Chris is developing students’ skills to do just that.  Perhaps as her purpose is fulfilled, and that inspired generation grows up, I won’t have to share examples of fabulous lives.  Fabulous will become the norm, and it will be all around us!