Path to Success: Custom Fit or Hand-Me-Down?

Would you wear someone else’s shoes to run a marathon, if those particular shoes had already run one?


After all, the shoes would know how it was done.

They have previously run the full 26 miles and successfully crossed the finished line.

They know how to do it, why work so hard or waste time training so many hours?

The shoes already worked for the original owner, why not you?


If the idea of this sounds a bit absurd, I invite you to stay with me on this a minute.


This is the world we live in!

Millions of people are running around in other people’s shoes, trying to run other people’s races.


I see so many entrepreneurs stumbling to get their feet on the ground, and unable to gain enough traction to get up to speed – let alone find the stamina to stay in the race.


Many of them look up along the way, and realize they’re tired, lost, broke, and nowhere near the finish line of their dreams.


When I look at why this is...

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