The Right Side of Fear (Driving Lessons from Ireland)

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2019

On a recent trip to Ireland I was reminded of one of my driving values in life – freedom.


Ironically, it came to me while driving!


As I watched my friends navigate the busy streets of Dublin, from the “right” side of the car, on the left side of the road, my anxiety started to rise. In just a few days, I was going to be picking up my own rental car and heading out by myself to explore the Irish countryside.


Witnessing my friends making a few mistakes and after a couple close calls, I started to doubt my capability. I found myself contemplating other options and wondering if I was crazy to think I could do it alone. After all, they had the rest of us helping to navigate directions and reminding them which lane was the correct one. I was going to be alone, without even my trusty Google Maps to help me.


Perhaps I should just take a bus or train?

Maybe a few taxis wouldn’t cost too much?

Do they have Uber in Ireland?

Or, I could always just stay in Dublin and walk everywhere?


On the other hand...


I had always dreamed of seeing the West coast of Ireland.

I hate the restrictions of public transportation timetables.

I love going where I want, when I want and for how long I want.

I love exploring off the beaten path and allowing my mood and intuition to guide my decisions in the moment.


So I had a choice – Freedom? Or, Fear?


In the end, I chose freedom.


Of course I did! Freedom is one of my driving values!


Freedom is why I do most things in life.


It is my best, most worthy opponent to fear!


As I have navigated these past several years, feeling like I am sometimes driving on the wrong side of the road, going against the traffic, freedom has been like my North Star.


Freedom is my deciding factor.


Afraid to start my own business?

Or, freedom to be my own boss!


Afraid to be vulnerable on social media?

Or, freedom to own my truth and share my message!


Afraid to create something new and risk failing?

Or, freedom to live into what’s possible!


Sounds simple enough, but what was the result?


I’m proud to report that I didn’t take out any pub-going, pedestrians or flatten any bushes or public street signs! I pretty much owned those winding, Irish roads!


Yes, like all new things, it was weird at first.

It took a little getting used to.

It required me to get off the autopilot of decades of driving a certain way.

It required me to pay more attention, and to be more intentional.


But most of all, it just required me to put my fear in the backseat, and let my desire for freedom take the wheel!


And isn’t that what all, new adventures need?


What about you?


Who’s driving your decisions these days?

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