Secret to Success - Your Personal Board of Directors

Uncategorized Jul 01, 2018

Over the past several years I’ve read tons of books, attended several conferences, participated in numerous WebEx’s, listened to countless TeleSummits, completed various online courses, joined assorted networking groups and been a member of elite masterminds.


I was curious.
I was thirsty for knowledge.
I was eager to learn the secrets from the best-of-the-best!

Mostly, I wanted to know how I could walk away from a lucrative corporate career and still be successful. I wanted to know if I could really earn a paycheck from my passions.

Is it possible?

In short, the answer is yes.

My research uncovered way too many examples of successful individuals, small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs to conclude anything different. So many of them are making incomes in the most unique (dare I even say odd) ways, to come out of that experience believing anything else.

Now, before you run out and quit your day job...

I also came across many others that were struggling.

Some struggled to gain traction on their new businesses; running out of money before their idea truly hit. Many were overwhelmed by the learning curve of their chosen path, and were drowning in expensive online courses and the latest social media apps. Others seemed to have replaced an unsatisfying corporate career for a more demanding, yet similarly unfulfilling, entrepreneurial one.

Why the difference?

If, in this globally connected, digital world, it is more possible (and even probable) to design a career of your own, what separates the leaders from the stragglers?

What is the secret to success?

Ask any venture capitalist, and they will tell you the key to a successful venture is the quality of the people involved. Regardless of how innovative the idea, or primed the market, it all comes down to the strength and skills of the people sitting around the table.

Who’s at the table of your personal board of directors?

I’m a huge proponent of building a strong network of support (I dedicated an entire chapter to this in my book), and often spend considerable time consulting others on how to do this effectively. Despite the impact this process can have on results, it seems those struggling the most are missing three important members of their team.

Those particular members may surprise you... but I’m convinced these 3 can turn the tide on how much and how fast a person can achieve his or her desired level of success.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to the three most important members of your own personal Board of Directors.

Miss Y.I. Want
(COO of Success)  

Y.I. Want is the chief operating officer. Her main role is to challenge your perception of possible and to ask, “What is your definition of success?” Encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone, you will discover not only what you want, but more importantly why you want it. Want to be rich? Why? Do you long to travel the world or live in a big home? Or do you relish the idea of providing millions of dollars to worthy causes? Knowing there is power in clarity, Ms. Y.I. Want strategically leverages whyyou want what you want to ensure you act with intention and urgency!

Mr. I.B. Willing
(CFO of Success)
I.B. Willing is the chief financial officer; the one who holds the purse strings. What will it cost to have what you want, and are you willing to pay it? It’s easy enough to want Richard Branson’s financial success, Oprah's notoriety or Steve Jobs’ innovations, but are you willing to do what it takes to get to that level? Willing works closely withWant to determine the value of your wants so he can know how attaining them will impact your life as a whole. Helping you internalize how it will feel to realize your dreams, he raises the stakes and motivates your actions. Only then can you determine if you are willing enough to do what it takes.

Ms. M.I. Worthy
(CEO of Success) 
M.I. Worthy is your new chief executive officer. As strong and powerful a team as those first two Chiefs make, they won’t gain much traction unless they bring alongWorthy. She’s like the majority shareholder, and nothing gets done without her final approval! Although she works closely with the others, she doesn’t care if you know why you want it, or if you are willing to do what it takes; she only cares whether you ultimately believe it’s possible. Challenging you to consider whether your limiting beliefs and mindset are holding you back, Worthy dares you to overcome them in your pursuit of success and happiness.

Before you invest time, energy and money into your endeavour, consider who is on your personal board of directors.

With Want, Willing, and Worthy at the table, you’ll have a strong foundation to build the rest of your team, and be well on your way to realizing the success of your dreams!

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