Path to Success: Custom Fit or Hand-Me-Down?

Would you wear someone else’s shoes to run a marathon, if those particular shoes had already run one?


After all, the shoes would know how it was done.

They have previously run the full 26 miles and successfully crossed the finished line.

They know how to do it, why work so hard or waste time training so many hours?

The shoes already worked for the original owner, why not you?


If the idea of this sounds a bit absurd, I invite you to stay with me on this a minute.


This is the world we live in!

Millions of people are running around in other people’s shoes, trying to run other people’s races.


I see so many entrepreneurs stumbling to get their feet on the ground, and unable to gain enough traction to get up to speed – let alone find the stamina to stay in the race.


Many of them look up along the way, and realize they’re tired, lost, broke, and nowhere near the finish line of their dreams.


When I look at why this is happening over and over again, it reminds me of old worn in sneakers, which throw off your gait and cause hip and knee pain.


I’m wondering why so many of us keep signing up for someone else’s hand-me downs. 


Why don’t more of us choose custom fit?


Sure, they take more time to break in, but imagine how fabulous they will feel as they form to our shape.


Don’t get me wrong; I understand the allure of the “already-broken-in-shoe” offering, and even why it is being offered. 


The Internet is full of coaches and online marketers who have figured out their “perfect formula” for success. Why wouldn’t they package it up and sell it to everyone and anyone that is willing to buy it? Sounds like a good strategy, right?


For them, it is.

For you, not so much!


As much as the shape and size of your foot, the fitness level of your body, and your ability to run one mile (let alone 26), is unique to you, so is your ability to be a successful (... and happy and fulfilled) business owner (... and human).


You are unique.

Your skill sets... uniquely executed by you. 

Your experiences... uniquely interpreted by you.

Your passions... uniquely expressed through you.

Your ambitions... uniquely drive you!


Your path, and the tools to get you to the finish line... also unique!





Then why are you wearing someone else’s definition of success and following someone else’s path to fulfillment?


Their “shoe” may not be the “shoe” for you.


So what shoe is?


If I claimed I had all the answers for you, without knowing a thing about your life and your desires, I’d be perpetuating the problem.


This is where you get to do a little work – try on different options, take them for a test run, consider how many miles you’re willing to run, and on what type of path feels the most fabulous to you.


Success isn’t finite.

It isn’t as clear (or ordinary) as the finish line of a marathon.

It gets to look however you choose it.


So... chose!


This doesn’t man you have to go it alone, or stumble around blind to what obstacles you’ll face. 


Choose someone who is willing to figure this out with you and for you – not one that’s forcing you into something that doesn’t fit. 


Do the work to determine what your own finish line looks like first, and you’ll have a great start to finding the path to get there.


Then, and only then, pick the right shoe to wear along the way – your shoe, not someone else’s.


I can’t promise you won’t take a few detours along way.


I can offer that sometimes, that’s exactly where one finds a completely unexpected, more fabulous path.


Lisa Dadd

Business Strategist and Empowerment Coach

“Be Your Own Brand of Brilliance!”


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