If you don't have this, the rest won't matter!

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2019

"5 year? I don't have a 5 day!"

That's what I used to say to my boss every year when he would ask me, "What's your 5 year plan?"

It was a fair enough question - probably one most organizations ask for succession planning.

I was a fabulous planner. I could strategic plan - short-term, long-term, medium term - you name it! I could dig into the nitty gritty and find the most effective tactics, understand the needle movers and synthesize it in a concise way the most novice of team members would get it. It was a natural skill, and I excelled at it.


When it came to ME. When it came to my career, and more importantly, my life...

I didn't know. I didn't want to know.

Perhaps that disconnection should have been a sign... but I ignored it for years!

The fact that I didn't want a 5 year career plan (and in essence, life plan), may have been more reflective of my desire for freedom, than my lack of ambition. But why?

I was clear, about my lack of clarity.

I knew that I didn't know!

I knew that I didn't want to be "stuck" living out a plan I wasn't passionate about.


For years, I let that fear of not knowing, keep me from figuring it out! I let myself be pulled along the corporate succession planning cycle, the developmental whims of my managers, and the opinions of the higher ups.

Essentially, I lived my career (and my life) by default... until... it became too painful not to care. I wanted to care. I wanted to be "all in" - to use the fullness of my potential. I wanted what I did to matter - to me, to my colleagues, to my customers.

The fact that it didn't, was hurting not only me, but also my boss, my colleagues, my customers and my company. They weren't getting my best - and I wasn't even sure what that was! So, I chose freedom over planning, and I left.

These past 7 years, I've had all the FREEDOM in the world.

I've done what I wanted.

When I wanted.

With whom I wanted.

And even more than that... I've done a lot of work and reflection on what it is I TRULY want.


And yet... it has still come back to the question, "What is my 5 year plan?"

This week I've been getting up close and personal with what that means for me (my career and my life in general). I've been pulling out the old skill set I mastered in my previous career, and I've been exercising it in an entirely new way.

Although the planning skills are still there, and I'm still pretty good at simplifying the complex... I've been appreciating the "freedom" that comes with having something much BIGGER than "a plan"!


I don't know if I needed this before?! The company I worked for told me the vision. They didn't ask (not really) what I thought of the vision, or how I could be invested in the vision. I was simply asked to deliver on the vision. And I did... deliver.

I wasn't invested - not fully.

This time round, I'm invested.

I know that my VISION is about more than my job. It's about my life. It's about my energy. It's about my contribution. It's about my joy, my happiness, my ability to build something that matters!

I've realized that all the planning skills in the world don't matter, if I don't have a VISION.

So this time, I'm allowing myself to...

👩‍🎤 Determine

👩‍🎤 Dive into

👩‍🎤 Dream

👩‍🎤 Declare

My BIGGER vision!


Somehow it's always been there... even when it was hiding behind a corporate attachment to feeling mine didn't matter.... and even as an entrepreneur, when I didn't ALLOW space for it to surface!

As it turns out...

the more I allow myself to OWN the vision, the more inspired I am to build (and stick to) "the plan" that will create it.

It's not scary - it's exciting!

It's not confining - it's liberating!

It's not overwhelming - it's guiding!

Tony Robbins is famous for saying, "We overestimate what we can do in 1 year, and we underestimate what we can do in 5!"


It's easy to get fixated on short-term plans,

To be so wrapped up in the short-term problems,

To be lured by the shiny, new, short-term solutions... (the Internet is full of them!)

Accomplishing anything in 5 years? That takes VISION!


Here's the opportunity / invitation...

For me.

For you.

For anyone playing LIFE as a marathon, and not a sprint...

For anyone building a legacy that matters...


If it is possible (as I believe it to be),

To create ANYTHING we truly want, in just 5 years...


🤔 What is that?

🤔 What impact would that have?

🤔 What is stopping that from happening?


Now that... is a plan I can get behind!

That's a plan I AM behind!


👉 What about you?

👉 What's your vision?

👉 Need support in declaring those dreams and daring to go for that bigger vision?


❤️ Let's chat, and we'll do this together! ❤️


Lisa Dadd

Business Strategist and Empowerment Coach

"The world needs your brand of brilliance!"

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