Excess Baggage and Dream Chasing

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2019

I’m in the middle of packing for Ireland and doing my best to pack lightly, when I see a pattern I’m not too proud of. 

Last time I was in Europe, I took way too much!  It was such a hassle!   I didn’t need all the clothes, all the shoes, all the toiletries, power cords and notebooks.  You would’ve thought I was moving there!

The mistake resulted in me buying a new backpack and leaving most of my things at a friend’s house – while I toured around (less encumbered).

Attempting to avoid the error again, I consider why it happened. 

I was stuck in scarcity!

I was afraid of not having what I needed.

I was afraid of going without.

I wasn’t valuing what I really “wanted” – which was to travel around easily and not weighed down, (especially riding the European railways). 

My “need” for stuff, quickly shifted toward a “want” for ease.

This clarity around needs and wants brings me back to a process I went through during my career transformation.

So many people ask me the “money question” when they are inquiring about how to chase their dreams and make big changes in their life.  Money seems to be one of the biggest fears.

In my book, I wrote a chapter on ”money” that was more about deciphering the difference between needs and wants, versus dollars and cents. 

I still believe it is one of the most important pieces of clarity one needs to transform their life.

Two big ah-ha’s came out of that process:

  1. It is easy to waste resources on things that aren’t needs or wants, if you aren’t paying attention.
  2. Clarifying needs vs. wants (vs. neither) can decrease unnecessary anxiety, and set you up with more options and more success than you can imagine.

Although I was mostly referring to money in the book, I can now appreciate the lesson is transferrable to other limited resources.

Where do I need to spend my time?

Where do I want to spend my time?

Where do I want to spend my energy?

Where do I need to spend my energy?

Am I investing in what I really need and want, or am I wasting resources by not being intentional enough about it?

And… Perhaps the most important question…

Is my fear of not having something I believe I need, keeping me from achieving what I truly want?

Removing half the amount of stuff I was going to bring to Ireland, I make a vow to myself to be more intentional about all of it. 

I vow to invest my time, my money and my energy in pursuit of my highest vision and my most fulfilling life.

I vow to stop carrying excess baggage that weighs me down and steals my joy.

How about you?

What does your packing list include? 

Will it serve you well on your journey of Finding Fabulous?

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