5 Indicators Your Transition Will Be Successful

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2018

How do you know if you are ready?

I mean REALLY ready, to do what it takes to create the most fabulous version of your life possible!

Regardless of where you are on that continuum, taking things to the next level requires doing something differently. So, is it your time for change?

Many people want a more fulfilling career, deeper relationships, greater vitality and more fun; fewer are committed to doing what it takes.

Do you want a better life, or are you committed to having it?

Regardless of how many resources or tools I create, unless one is ready and willing to do what it takes, it will all be for nothing. I have zero interest in convincing people they need or should want change. I am committed to spending my time and efforts helping people find success – when they are ready for it!

To that end, I’ve found some important indicators for a level of readiness that sets people up for success. Clarifying where people are at with these 5 factors can make the difference between surviving change and thriving from it! (If you are curious to know if you are READY for success, check out the video and FREE Quiz I created.)

These 5 indicators were derived from hundreds of people I have interviewed and years of research I have done with brave souls who have made major changes to their careers and lifestyles. There are some common themes that link them together and others that set them apart from those still stuck and floundering in their circumstances.

May the path forged by these FabFinders, help smooth the way and set you up for success!

Readiness Indicator #1: The Mirror

This first indicator was inspired by a Steve Jobs quote I heard years ago when I was struggling to feel connected to the direction of my career (and in essence, my life). We all have good days and bad days; the question is whether or not more of your days are good than bad?

If you were to ask yourself a question similar to the one Steve Jobs used to ask, how many days in a row would your answer be “no”?

For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “no” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something. Steve Jobs

Readiness Indicator #2: Inquiring Mind

Are you complaining or inquiring? There is a powerful difference between expressing dissatisfaction about an area of your life versus putting some action in place to change it.

If you have been complaining or venting to the same people over and over again, about the same things, and then binge watching Netflix at night to escape your life, you may not be ready to do anything productive about it. On the other hand, if you have started asking questions from individuals who are more in a place of being able to help you, or you have been searching YouTube or Google for new ways of thinking, you may be more ready than you think!

The ultimate question is:
Are you looking for a way to something new, or an excuse not to?  

Readiness Indicator #3: Emotional Charge

If you have had a special incident, event or conflict arise lately that is abnormal for your life, your emotions may be over-shadowing everything else.

This indicator is about checking to see if your feelings are temporary, due to something specific, or if your desires run deeper and more consistent. Sometimes our emotions are so charged; it is hard to be objective about what actions to take. This might look like quitting a job on the spot, without thought or consideration of what it will mean. Or, it could mean walking away from a relationship when things are tough, without considering if counseling is a viable option.

If this one situation were to go away, is everything else good? If you took some major action today, could you do it from a grounded place?  

Readiness Indicator #4: Energy Boosters

Becoming more aware of your energy and how it fluctuates on a daily basis can give you a lot of information about whether you are on your ideal path. We all have internal GPS that guide us toward choices that serve us well. If you are spending a lot of time feeling frustrated, fatigued and disconnected, it is a sign something is not aligned and an indicator it is time for a change.

Think about the moments you are uplifted, energized and engaged. Where are you?
Who are you with?
What are you doing?
Does your current circumstance promote or inhibit these moments?  

Readiness Indicator #5: Fear vs. Excitement

Consider how you feel about your future (or alternative) options. When you think about making some changes, do you feel a great deal of fear, or would you describe it more as excitement?

Tap into the type of “fear” you are feeling. It is normal to be nervous or wondering how you will be able to do it. The distinction for this indicator is to feel whether your fear is something that holds you back, or if the excitement (or curiosity, or fascination) of the opportunity is strong enough to pull you through the fear.

If I could guarantee you success in whatever change you’re wishing to create, would the excitement about the possibilities curb your fear and increase what you’d be willing to do to make it happen?  


Are you ready for change?

To find out if your answers set you up for a successful transition, take the FULL QUIZ here and watch a video as Lisa describes what you can do for each indicator.

Although this journey you are embarking on takes time and hard work, your readiness (i.e. willingness) is a key factor for success. Another factor is support. You can read all about building a strong tapestry of support in chapter 5 of Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path Between Paycheck and Passion.

Download your FREE copy of Chapter 5 here.

If you would like some more personalized support, you can book a 15 min. FREE discovery session with Lisa.

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