Sometimes the path to Finding Fabulous can be painful… I mean, physically painful!  Beena’s life was driving along pretty smoothly, until a speed bump woke her up and changed the course of her life.

This is Beena’s story, and this is what she taught me:

Key Learning:
I learned that I have a really prominent “inner mean girl” criticizing me and impacting my self-esteem. Although she will always be there, I also learned I could tame her; which has made me happier than I’ve ever been.

Words of Wisdom:
If you have to keep a day job, in order to pay the bills, always invest time in your new business. Even as you work at it on the weekends and at night, make sure your mindset knows it is important, and not just a hobby.

Definition of Success:
My success used to be about pleasing others. I used to make other people (family, peers, friends) define my success. Now, I define my success. It isn’t only about my personal happiness, but my impact on the world and others. 


Waking up in the ICU after a seemingly minor accident caused a life-threatening brain bleed, Beena had a critical turning point that changed her life forever. Although it was a scary, painful lesson, she’s gained enough insight to be grateful for the awakening that resulted.

Many years prior to the accident, Beena had been working as an IT consultant for one of the top consulting firms in the US. Despite being well paid, and enjoying the variety of people she worked with, the day-to-day work of consulting was draining. Believing work wasn’t supposed to be fun anyway, she kept plugging along. It wasn’t until she took a hiatus to go to business school that her mindset started to shift. Perhaps work didn’t have to be such a struggle, if she could only find work to which she was better suited.

With her genuine interest in consumer behavior, she seemed to be a perfect fit for brand management. And so, it was there that Beena took her next pit stop on her path to Finding Fabulous. The role suited her better than the first, but still left her feeling something was missing. She knew she met her family’s expectations in some ways, but felt she failed in others. It wasn’t until that fateful day, in the ICU, that her eyes were truly opened.

Realization her injuries could have been much worse led to a sense of deep gratitude, along with many questions. What was her legacy to this world? Did she even matter? If God spared her life, was she was meant to do something bigger? Not knowing what that was, Beena signed up for a coaching course so she could coach herself through it. Admittedly skeptical with the entire process of coaching, she attempted to hide in the back of the room and simply spectate. Fate proved to have a different plan, as the teacher walked right up and selected her for the first activity.

As she explains, “It was probably the best thing that could have happened, because in that session the coach unlocked something that was deep within me.” That first coaching session helped to clarified her mission and her passion. “I wanted to start a revolution of women around the globe. Women who were playing small, settling for mediocre lives when they knew deep down they had the potential to make a global impact. Helping these women ignite their ‘personal revolutions’ (or personal change) would be my legacy and it would change the world!”

Suddenly conscious of how much she had been hiding her true self at work, she wanted to help others understand and uncover their worth. She believes being who you truly are leads to even greater success. “It gave me this light. I came back from that coaching event and I was on fire!” she exclaims. “I had never gotten this excited about anything before. Something just awakened inside of me, it was, a light bulb moment.”

With a new mission to transform the world, she started to plan her new business. Although the outline of a business plan flowed rapidly out of her new mindset, it took some preparation to leave the cushion of a corporate salary and benefits package. Adjusting her spending and saving for six months finally paid off when she left her job to pursue her passion. Describing the challenges of starting a new business, Beena provides some insight into the wider effects of her transformation. “I’m not yet making the salary I was before, but there are different kinds of payment. The joy I get from seeing my impact via my client’s transformations is worth so much.” Knowing that her work has a ripple effect on the people her clients can help, further adds to Beena’s happiness.

The joy plastered across her face and that inspired energy beam through Skype to reach me in my home. I can’t help smile at the irony of the moment as Beena recounts another incident that happened recently. Travelling home from a speaking event, reveling in her new life, she suddenly broke into song. The excitement led to a full-blown karaoke moment (she recorded and later shared it with friends), reminding her how far she has come. Interesting how a car accident opened her eyes to new possibilities, and ultimately led to a state of being that has her singing in her car. Even though I know we will hear more from this beautiful, talented woman, it sounds like she has found her voice and is driving toward her version of Fabulous!

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