I had a fabulous conversation with Matthew Turner (aka Turndog) from the Hardcore MBA podcast about what it means to “Blur the lines between work and play”.  I shared some tips about leveraging life as the greatest teacher and how we can “Play our Way to Greatness”.

For me, “greatness” is a way of saying “live your best life”.
I believe that there is greatness in all of us.
I also believe very few of us step up and live that greatness as often as we could.

Check out the episode for some simple ways you can bring more play and adventure into your life, and what that could mean for the unveiling of your own greatness!

Hardcore MBA Podcast:  Check out the Full Conversation.

Or on iTunes at:  Episode 18

Here are some highlights… and in particular:

5 Ways You Can Play Your Way to Greatness:

  1. Disrupt Your Status Quo
    • Have you ever driven to work, only to realize you don’t remember how you got there?  It is easy to get distracted by the busy-ness of life and start living by default.  Humans have the tendency to eat the same foods, shop in the same places, participate in the same social circles, and basically repeat the same day over and over again like we are stuck in the movie Groundhog Day.  Consider where you might mix things up, and try something you would normally not do. What could you learn about yourself by opening up to new possibilities?  Take a class, join a club, or just drive down a different street every now and again.  Notice what you see, hear and feel as a result.
  2. Find a Safe Place to Play (and “Fail”)
    • As you discover new options for your life, consider where you might be able to create a safe “sandbox” to play in.  When I decided to be more public in my speaking career, I chose to take an improv class.  I was in a class of 20 other strangers, who I was pretty sure I’d never see again.  What could happen if I sucked at it?  Not much.  Giving myself permission to fail in a safe place allowed me to dive into the experience and I ended up learning a lot – and it was a lot of fun!
  3. Leverage the Experience
    • As you start to play more (i.e. carve out the time to follow your interests, your bliss and/or your curiosity), pause to notice  the full experience. For example, maybe you love to learn from reading a book. My experience of reading is heightened when I’m outside, staring at a lake, sipping a cup of hot tea. What environments add to your experience? What insights might you garner from those environments and where could you use that to impact other areas of your life?
  4. Pay Attention to Your Life; Everything is a Teacher
    •  “How you do anything, is how you do everything.”  In addition to creating new experiences, we can learn a lot about ourselves from our every day lives – just by looking with fresh eyes.  As I share in the episode, I was able to gain new perspective about my entrepreneurial journey from floating in the lake.  When was the last time you stopped to notice how you are “playing” your life?  What could it say about how to embody your greatness?
  5. Create Time by Connecting to the Value
    •  “I would, but I just don’t have the time.”  This phrase is an all-too-common excuse for playing it safe, and living life by default.  Life is busy.  You are very important and have important things to do; we get it!  We also know that living your best life (i.e. living into your own Greatness), takes energy, effort and time!  The best way to find time is to connect to the value of that investment.  For example:  Could investing 15 minutes meditating provide the grounding and creativity necessary for you to finally write that book?  If so, what could writing that book mean for you and your life?


Listen to the Full Conversation

In this episode, Matthew and Lisa discuss:

  • The humble beginnings of Lisa and her amazing journey to pathfinding successfully blurred the lines between work and play
  • How she started her career as a Life coach advocating experiential learning techniques, specializing in lifestyle and career redesign
  • Her expertise in big vision thinking, navigating uncertainties, and eventually plan things strategically
  • Her thoughts about stepping into the world of unknown and embracing the fact of getting out from our comfort zone